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Home-For-You.ca is focused on providing our clients with first access to new developments and planned communities.

Why use first access ?

First access means :

  1. Pre-construction prices
  2. Best Suites and Homes
  3. Preconstructions deposit structures.

Pre-Constructions prices:  get access to the pre development prices.    Once builder starts the project - prices only will go UP and UP.  Promoting a new project  or real-estate development requires financing. We offer our clients a unique opportunity scoop the properties at pre-construction cost, hence giving our buyers a unique investment opportunity.


Best Suites and Homes:  did you ever go to the new constructions presentation office only to find out what not only "prices has gone up last week", but also a best floor plans or best lots are sold out?  Well,  with us - you will be upfront of the line.  We will give you access not only to the best prices,  but also to the the best floor plans and lots before they are sold out. 

Pre-Constructions deposit structures: deposit structure can change as the project advances  to the closing stage.  Take the advantage of current unique economic conditions and deposit structures offered. 

Inventory Stiles still Available from 2017

840 St Clair St. W
840 St Clair St. W
Upper West Side by
Upper West Side by " Treasure Hill"
Trendi Towns by Treasure Hill
Trendi Towns by Treasure Hill

New Projects selling in 2018

City Center Mississauga - Condos for Sale, Square One Condos for sale